Hen Products

Hen Capes

Ewing Hen Capes are available in quality grades 1 and 2. Hen capes have long broad feathers with round tips and a firm quill. Fly tying uses of these feathers include dry fly wings, spinner wings, wet fly collars, popper tails, crayfish claws and fins for bait fish imitations.

Solid and Grizzly Colors: Black Bleached Blue Dun, Bleached Golden Olve, Bleached Grizzly, Bleached Olive, Brown, Brown Olive, Chartreuse, Cinnamon, Coachman Brown, Dark Blue Dun, Dark Charcoal Gray, Dark Claret, Florescent Orange, Florescent Red, Florescent White, Ginger, Green, Grizzly, Light Blue, Light Blue Dun, Light Claret, Light Honey, Med. Blue Dun, Medium Olive, Olive, Orange, Peach, Peacock Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Scarlet, Silver Light Blue, Tan Dun, White, Yellow.