Rooster Products

Dry Fly Rooster Capes

An exceptional grade hackle at an affordable price. Available in four grades: Premium Grade, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Ewing Dry Fly Capes will tie hundreds of flies for the least amount of money. This product has flexible stems that resist twisting, rich barb density, strong barbs that will hackle off the stem when wrapped and high feather counts from sizes 4 to 24 and smaller.

Solid Colors: Black, Brown, Charcoal Gray, Chartreuse, Claret, Coachman Brown, Cream, Dark Blue Dun, Dark Brown, Dark Claret, Florescent Orange, Florescent Pink, Florescent Red, Florescent White, Ginger Light Ginger, Golden Olive, Green, Light Blue Dun, Light Claret, Light Honey, Medium Blue Dun, Olive, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White Natural, Yellow.

Grizzly Colors: Bleached Blue, Bleached Claret, Bleached Coachman Brown, Bleached Golden, Bleached Grizzly, Bleached Light Ginger, Bleached Medium Blue Dun, Bleached Olive, Bleached Orange, Bleached Purple, Bleached Yellow, Blue, Blue Dun, Brown, Brownish Olive, Chartreuse, Cinnamon, Coachman Brown, Dark Blue Dun, Dark Claret, Florescent Orange, Ginger, Ginger Variant, Green, Light Blue, Light Claret, Medium Blue Dun, Natural Grizzly, Olive, Purple, Red, Tan Dun, Yellow.

Dry Fly 1/2 & 1/2 Rooster Capes

The same great Ewing Dry Fly Capes split and paired with a second half cape.

Colors: White/Grizzly, Coachman Brown/Grizzly, Black/Brown Grizzly, Medium Blue Dun/Grizzly, Black/Grizzly, Medium Blue Dun//Brown, Bleached Medium Blue Dun/Grizzly, Brown/Bleached Grizzly, Medium Blue Dun/Bleached Grizzly Olive, Ginger/Grizzly, Dark Blue Dun/Bleached Brown, Olive/Yellow, Medium Blue Dun/Ginger, Golden Olive/Claret, Brown/Black, Blue Dun/Grizzly.